fc-falcon">Feeding robot stuck.

Bales are also accepted in the stable (hay for fodder, straw for manure) In the version with a feeding robot, bales are also accepted for the warehouse (hay, straw, silage).

In the version with a feeding robot, bales of hay, straw and silage are also placed in and in front. .



I built the largest cow barn and it wouldn't work with that either. #3. This is beyond what my brain can handle.

The animation is, the area of bunkers.

. It took it all. But if you build a slurry silo (not extension), the worker will drain from the cow.

0. You can further go for the large cow barn with the feeding robot.

Jun 5, 2022 · UPDATE 2: It appears I have been mistaken.


It’ll begin on its own. This Mod increases the maximum number of Cows to 500.

I moved the small extension as far away i was allowed on the same side as the barn slurry pump point (just straight out). So, my feeding robot is not moving and inside the barn.

Nov 30, 2021 · Definitely agree that chickens, cows, then pigs are most profitable, whereas sheep don't produce a lot of wool to make it worth it.
We'll need somewhere for our cows to be! Look under the Animals tab and you can see that there's a choice of four.


If I set the worker to use from the silo, it uses from the pigsty + silo extension.

. It shows that I have 79k L in the barn, but when I try to fill it, it appears to be empty. In the version with a feeding robot.

Nov 25, 2021 · The robot feeder's not working for me either, plenty of food in the bays but nothing's happening. This is beyond what my brain can handle. Do you have a barn with a feeding robot? Then, you only need to deliver the ingredients to the barn (straw, hay, silage and mixed feed). Not liking the auto feeder barn anymore :( Perhaps there's been an update, but I supplied hay, straw, and silage in bales. 9 FS update. Sheep are more just low maintenance.


Increased capacity for inputs and outputs. Lol.


straw and mineral feed all added to the barn before the robot feeder will work properly.

Additionally, the Cowbarn accepts Bales inside and in the Version with the Feeding Robot, at the Robot station.

Version 1.

Maintenance costs: 100€ / day.